Authority recommended duty in Sunset review Investigation concerning imports of “Flexible Slabstock Polyol” from Singapore.

Having regard to the contentions raised, information provided and submissions made by the interested parties and facts available before the Authority, it has been concluded that

a. There is continued dumping of the subject goods from subject country and the imports are likely to enter the Indian market at dumped prices in the event of expiry of duty.

b. The domestic industry has suffered continued injury on account of dumped imports from the subject country.

c. The information on record shows likelihood of continuation of dumping and injury in case the Anti-dumping duty in force is allowed to cease at this stage.

d. There is sufficient evidence to indicate that the revocation of the anti-dumping duty at this stage will lead to continuation of dumping and injury to the Domestic Industry.

The Designated Authority therefore considers it appropriate to recommend continuation of definitive anti-dumping duty, as modified, on all imports of the subject goods from the subject country