Final Finding Issued In Anti-Dumping Investigation Concerning Imports Of Natural Mica Based Pearl Industrial Pigments Excluding Cosmetic Grade From China Pr (08.06.2021)

Product Description- Natural Mica based Pearl Industrial Pigments excluding cosmetic grade. Cosmetic grade has been specifically excluded from the scope of product under consideration.

HS Codes – 3206 11.

Uses- It is widely used for imparting colours and other effects like, certain inorganic pigments/colouring agents giving lustrous/ shinning frosted effects, such pearlescent effects, metallic effects, for coating, inks and plastics application.

Country Involved- China PR.

Applicants- M/s. Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited.

Date of initiation- 09th May,2020.

Period of Investigation- 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 (12 months).

Injury Period- April 2016 –  March 2017; April 2017 – March 2018, April 2018 – March 2019 and the period of investigation.

Final Findings- 08th June,2021

Dumping Margin, Injury margin and reference amount:

Country Producer Dumping Margin Range Injury Margin Range Amount of duty (US $/ MT)
China PR Nanyang Lingbao Pearl Pigment Company Limited Materials 50-60 40-50 2493
China PR Rika Technology Company Limited 50-60 40-50 2023
China PR M/s. Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Company Limited 70-80 70-80 2813
China PR Zhejiang Ruicheng New Material Company Limited 80-90 70-80 2674
China PR Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Company Limited 0-10 0-10 214
China PR Hebei Oxen New Materials Co., Ltd. 60-70 60-70 2406
China PR All other producers/exporters from China PR 200-300 100-200 5529

Key Findings-

  1. The Applicant constitutes domestic industry under Rule 2(b) of the Rules and considers that the application satisfied the criteria of standing in terms of Rule 5(3) of the Rules.
  2. Although the interested parties sought exclusion of automotive grade PUC, the Authority noted that the applicant is producing automotive grade and therefore Authority has not excluded these from the scope of the product under consideration.
  3. The product produced by the domestic industry is like article to PUC imported from the subject countries.
  4. The Authority has computed the export price at PCN level for an apple-to-apple comparison with normal value for computation of PCN wise Dumping Margin which has later been converted to weighted average level. Similarly, the landed value has been computed and compared with Non injurious price at PCN level so as to obtain Injury Margin at PCN level and later collapsed at weighted average level. Wherever equivalent PCN of imported PCN is not produced by domestic industry, the nearest appropriate PCN with relevant adjustments has been considered to ensure apple to apple comparison.
  5. Considering the normal value and export price for subject goods, the dumping margins for the subject goods from subject country have been determined, and the margins are significant.
  6. The Domestic Industry has suffered material injury.