Final findings issued recommending continuation of anti-dumping duty on imports of Phenol from Thailand (28.01.2021)

Product description – The product under consideration is Phenol.

HS Codes – The product is classified under Customs Tariff heading no. 2907.11

Uses – The product is marketed in two forms- bulk (in loose) and packed. Bulk sales are normally in loose form, whereas packed consignments can be of much smaller container loads and generally packed in drums. Phenol is used in Phenol Formaldehyde Resins, Laminates, Plywood, Particle Boards, Bisphenol-A, Alkyl Phenols, Pharmaceuticals, Diphenyl Oxide, etc.

Country involved Thailand and USA

Applicants Deepak Phenolics Ltd., Hindustan Organics Chemicals Ltd. and SI Group India Pvt. Ltd.

Date of initiation – 25-02-2020

Period of investigation – 1st July 2019 to 31st December 2019

Injury period – 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and the period of investigation.

Date of levy of provisional duty (if any, with Customs Notification No.) – The provisional duty recommended on Thailand and USA were not imposed by the Central Government.

Dumping margin, Injury Margin & Proposed Duty – The following exporter specific dumping margin, injury margin and proposed duty has been determined by the Designated Authority. The Authority has recommended duty in the form of reference price.

Producer Dumping margin Range Injury Margin Range Proposed Duty (US$/MT)
PTT Phenol Company Limited, Thailand 10-20 0-10 990.83
Thailand – Any other producers/exporters 20-30 0-10 990.83
All producers/exporters from USA  10-20 (10)-0 No duty recommended.

Key findings –

  1. The product under consideration has been exported to India from the subject countries below its normal value.
  2. The domestic industry has suffered material injury due to the import of subject goods from the subject countries.
  3. The import volume from subject countries has increased in relation to the total imports.
  4. The imports from the subject countries are undercutting, suppressing and depressing the prices of the domestic industry.
  5. Injury due to captive consumption is self-inflicted and cannot be attributed to dumping.
  6. Phenol and acetone has been considered as joint products and the joint cost incurred upto the point of separation between the two products on the basis of their respective turnover has been apportioned.
  7. The period of investigation of 6 months is justified as it is not appropriate to fix a period for which there is no allegation of dumping.