Initiation of anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of ‘Glufosinate and its Salt’ originating in or exported from China PR (29.06.2024)

Product Description: The product under consideration is Glufosinate and its salt. The product is also known as Glufosinate ammonium (D, L-phosphinothricin or 2- amino-4-(hydroxy methyl phosphonyl). The scope of the product includes Glufosinate technical and formulation.

The product under consideration is while to light yellow solid with slight pungent odor and is highly soluble and volatile material. Glufosinate is traded in two forms i.e. Technical and Formulation. The entire Glufosinate technical is in the production of Glufosinate formulation. Glufosinate technical does not have any independent use and has to be compulsorily processed into formulation in order to use it.

HS Codes: Glufosinate does not have dedicated classification, however, it is imported under 38089190, 38089390 and 38089990. The custom classification code is indicative only and is not binding on the scope of the present investigation.

Uses: Glufosinate is used in modern agriculture for weed control and versatility across various crops. The primary application is in row crop farming, where it is applied before or during plantation to suppress the unwanted vegetation.

Countries involved: China PR

Applicants: UPL Limited, Astral Life India Limited, Swal Corporation Limited, United Phosphorus (India) LLP and UPL Sustainable Agri Solution Limited.

Period of investigation: 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023

Injury period: 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 and the period of investigationFacts of the present case: The present application was filed pursuant to the dumping of Glufosinate from China PR, resulting in injury to the applicants. The evidence submitted by the applicants shows that the subject imports have sharply increased during the period of investigation. The imports are entering in the Indian market below the cost and price of the applicants, resulting in price undercutting. Furthermore, domestic sales, market share, production, capacity utilization, profits and return on capital employed have declined significantly. Additionally, the applicants have alleged that there is a threat of further injury. The evidence shows prima facie evidence of a causal link between dumping from China PR and the injury suffered by the applicants.