Initiation of anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of “Industrial Laser Machines, used for cutting, marking, or welding, originating in or exported from China PR (29.09.2022)

Product description –  The product under consideration is “Industrial Laser Machines, in fully assembled, SKD or CKD form, used for cutting, marking, or welding operations”. The scope of the PUC includes Laser Cutting Machines (LCM), Laser Marking Machines (LMM), and Laser Welding Machines (LWM). Depending on the specific end-use application of the PUC, the power of the laser used in the PUC can range from 3 watts to 40 kilowatts. All laser industrial machines used for purposes other than cutting, marking, or welding are excluded from the scope of the PUC.

HS Code – 84561100, 84569090, 84622920, 84798999, 85152190, 85158090, and 90132000.

Uses – For cutting, marking, or welding on metal/ non-metal surfaces.

Countries involved – China PR

Applicant – M/s Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited (“SLTL”)

Period of investigation – 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022 (12 months)

Injury period – 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 and the period of investigation

Facts of the present case – The present application has been filed alleging dumping and resultant injury suffered by the domestic industry. The application shows how the performance of the domestic industry has been adversely impacted in respect of production, low market share, deterioration in profits, cash profits and return on investments. On the basis of the prima facie evidences, the Authority has initiated anti-dumping investigation on the imports of the PUC from the subject country.