Initiation of anti-dumping investigation into imports of N, N’-Dicyclohexyl Carbodiimide (DCC) from China PR (25.02.2021)

Product under consideration – N, N’-Dicyclohexyl Carbodiimide (DCC) which is an organic compound with chemical formula (C6H11N)­2C.

HS Codes – 29251900, 29252990, 29212990, 29241900, 29242990, 29252990, 29333990 and 29419090.

Uses – DCC is primarily used to couple amino acids during artificial peptide synthesis. It is also used in glutathione dehydrants, as well as synthesis of acid anhydride, aldehyde, ketone, isocyanate. It is a key raw material in antiretroviral drugs like Valaliclovir and Amikacin.

Country involved – China PR

Applicant – Clean Science and Technology Private Limited, sole producer of the product in India

Period of investigation – 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020

Injury Period –2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 and the POI

Facts of the present case – The applicant has alleged that the subject imports have caused material retardation to establishment of the domestic industry in India. The present application has been filed pursuant to an increase in volume of imports, decline in landed price of the subject imports, price undercutting, subject imports priced below cost of sales of the domestic industry, price underselling and price suppressing effect of imports on domestic industry. The performance of the domestic industry has been adversely impacted as compared to the projected performance in terms of losses, cash profits and return on capital employed, due to increase in imports of product under consideration at injurious prices.

Consumer sector – The consumers of the product are chemical and pharmaceutical industries.