Initiation of anti-dumping investigation into imports of Seamless Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles of Iron, Alloy or Non-alloy Steel from China PR (19.02.2021)

Product description – Seamless tubes, pipes & hollow profiles of iron, alloy or non-alloy steel (other than cast iron and stainless steel), whether hot finished or cold drawn or cold rolled of an external diameter not exceeding 355.6 mm or 14’’ OD’’.

Exclusions from product scope

  1. Seamless pipes & tubes made of cast iron and stainless steel.
  2. Seamless alloy-steel pipes, tubes and hollow profiles of specifications of ASTM A213/ASME SA 213 and ASTM A335/ ASME SA 335 or equivalent BIS/DIN/BS/EN or any other equivalent specifications.
  3. Non – API and Premium Joints / Premium Connections / Premium Threaded Tubes & Pipes as prescribed under customs notification no. 12/12012 dated 17th March 2012 at serial number 356.
  4. All 13 Chromium (13CR) Grade Tubes and Pipes.
  5. Drill Collars.
  6. High pressure seamless steel pipe/tube used for manufacturing gas cylinders by producers approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, Government of India.

HS Codes – 7304

Uses – Seamless tubes, pipes and hollows are used where strength, resistance to corrosion, microstructure and product life is very crucial. Further, casing/tubing are used in extraction of crude oil and gas from sea as well as from earth; line pipes are used in hydrocarbon and processing industry; and boiler pipes are used in boilers, heat exchangers, super heaters and condensers, and in mechanical, structural and general engineering industry, railways etc.

Countries involved – China PR

Applicants – ISMT Limited and Jindal SAW Limited

Period of investigation – 1st April 2019 to 30th September 2020

Injury period – April 2016- March 2017, April 2017- March 2018 and April 2018- March 2019 and the period of investigation.

Past investigations involving the product – Provisional anti-dumping duties were first levied vide Notification No. 18/2016-Customs (ADD) dated 17th May 2016 and final duties were levied vide Notification No. 7/2017-Customs (ADD), dated 17th February 2017. The current anti-dumping duty, if not extended, will expire on 16th May 2021.

Facts of the present case – Despite the duties in force, there has been an increase in volume of imports in absolute as well as relative terms. The domestic industry has been adversely impacted in terms of decline in sales, market share and consequent losses, cash losses and decline in return on capital employed, as a result of increase in imports of product under consideration. Further, increased imports inspite of duties, continued dumping, higher rate of increase in imports than rate of increase in demand in India, third country dumping, imposition of trade remedial measures by third countries, significant capacities and export orientation of exporters and imports being made at injurious price demonstrate that the dumping and injury are likely to continue in the event of expiry of duty