Initiation of Anti-Subsidy Investigation Imports of Aluminium Primary Foundry Alloy In got originating in or exported from Malaysia. (24.12.2020)

Product description – Aluminum Primary Foundry Alloy Ingot is produced by casting aluminium hot metal obtained from smelting alumina or re-melting primary aluminium ingot, along with required alloying elements. The molten aluminium is blended with the required alloying elements in holding fumaces. Individual alloying elements are added to the blend to achieve the desired alloy content. The resulting molten blend is then casted at the smelter’s on-site casting house. Alloyed Aluminium ingot produced through post-consumption scrap is beyond the scope of the product under consideration.

HS Codes – 76012010

Uses – The product under consideration is primarily used for automobile and steel applications.

Countries involved – Malaysia.

Applicants – M/s Vedanta Limited and M/s Bharat Aluminium Company Limited

Period of investigation – 1st April, 2019 to 30th September, 2020 (18 Months)

Injury period – 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19, and the POI.

Facts of the present case –

The present application was filed pursuant to subsidised imports of Aluminium alloy ingot from Malaysia. The applicants demonstrated that the domestic industry has been suffering injury due to subsidised imports. The subsidised subject imports have prevented the full establishment of domestic industry production capacities. The subsidised subject imports are also undercutting, suppressing and depressing the prices of the domestic industry. The same has led to deterioration of performance of the domestic industry in terms of production, sales, capacity utilization, profits, cash profits and return on investments. The DGTR found sufficient prima facie evidence of subsidisation of subject goods, injury to the domestic industry and a causal link between the alleged subsidisation and injury, therefore, warranting initiation of the anti-subsidy investigation.