Sunset review investigation concerning imports of 2-Ethyl Hexanol originating in or exported from European Union, Indonesia, Korea RP, Malaysia, Taiwan and United States of America (08.03.2021)

Product Description– 2-Ethyl Hexanol (abbreviated as ‘2-EH’) is a basic organic chemical. It is a fatty alcohol, clear, mobile, neutral liquid with a characteristic odour.

HS Code– 29051620

Uses – Used as a feed stock in the manufacture of low volatility esters such as Di-(2Ethyl hexyl) Phthalate (DOP or DEHP). Also used in numerous applications such as solvents, flavours, and fragrances and especially as a precursor for production of other chemicals such as emollients and plasticizers.

Countries involved– European Union, Indonesia, Korea RP, Malaysia, Taiwan and United States of America.

Applicant– M/s Andhra Petrochemicals Limited

Date of initiation– 28th August 2020

Period of investigation– April 2019 – March 2020

Injury Period – 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and period of investigation.

Margins and proposed duty

Particulars Dumping margin – range Injury margin – range Proposed duty USD/MT
European Union      
OQ Chemicals Produktion GmbH & Co. KG, Gerraany OQ Chemicals GrnbH, Germany 20-30% Negative 45.47
Any other 30-40% 10-20% 113.47
P.T. Petro Oxo Nusantara, Indonesia 10-20% 0-10% 45.67
Any other producer in Indonesia 10-20% 0-10% 127.82
BASF Petronas 0-10% 0-10% 53.63
Any other producer in Malaysia 10-20% 20-30% 107.30
Korea RP 0-10% Negative 15.55
Taiwan 10-20% Negative 42.45
United States of America 20-30% 0-10% 29.61

Key findings

  1. Authority has found continued dumping from all subject countries.
  2. Performance of the domestic industry has been impacted in the period of investigation as domestic industry has not been able to earn adequate returns.
  3. Significant exports to third countries were at dumped and injurious prices and expiry of duties will provide the produces incentive to divert them to Indian market as Indian market offers better prices.
  4. Producers are export oriented since globally the capacities are higher than demand in the region.
  5. Authority has proposed extension of same duty.