Sunset Review Investigation concerning imports of “Sodium Citrate” from People’s Republic of China. Designated Authority recommends continuation of duty

The Designated Authority initiated anti-dumping investigation on imports of “Sodium Citrate”, originating in or exported from China PR vide notification No. 13/23/2013-DGAD dated 28th February, 2014. The Authority thereafter notified the Final Findings No. 14/23/2013-DGAD dated 26th February, 2015, recommending imposition of anti-dumping duties (ADD) against imports of the subject goods from China PR. Definitive ADD was imposed by Ministry of Finance vide Customs Notification No. 19/2015-Customs (ADD) dated 20th May, 2015 for five years and the same was in force till 19th May, 2020.

Before the expiry of the said duty, M/s. Posy Pharmachem Private Limited, constituting the Domestic Industry filed a duly substantiated application before the Authority in accordance with the Act and the Rules, for initiation of Sunset Review investigation concerning imports of “Sodium Citrate” originating in or exported from China PR, alleging likelihood of continuation or recurrence of dumping and consequent injury to the domestic industry in case of cessation of existing anti-dumping duties.

The Authority on the basis of the prima facie evidence initiated sunset review investigation through notification No. 7/21/2019-DGTR dated 25th October, 2019 to examine whether the expiry of the said duties on the import of the subject goods originating in or exported from China PR are likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury to the domestic industry.

Having concluded that there is positive evidence on the aspect of dumping, injury and causal link and likelihood of dumping and injury if the existing anti-dumping duties are allowed to cease, the Authority has recommended continuation of duty on the import of subject goods from the subject country.