Practice Areas

Business Consulting

Apart from compiling extensive EXIM and global industry data, TPM also provides business consultancy services. International trade data has a direct impact on the manufacturing industries in India. It is, therefore, vital for the industry to understand the global trade scenario in order to assess any opportunities or threat or changes required in their business marketing strategy or the business itself. With its vast experience in the field, the TPM team is well-equipped to provide consultancy services to industries with regard to international trade. Further, its in-depth knowledge of the trade policies in India and other countries enables the TPM team to provide valuable consultancy with regard to taking advantage of such policies. For instance, the TPM team provides advisory to the industries regarding best utilization of schemes under Foreign Trade Policies to achieve maximum benefit. Further, the TPM team also assists industries in taking due advantage under Foreign Trade Agreements, and to negate the adverse effects of these agreements.