DGTR Issued Final Findings Recommending Extension Of Anti Dumping Duties In Sunset Review Investigation Into Imports Of Hot Rolled Products Of Stainless Steel Astm Grade 304 Originating In, Or Exported From China Pr, Korea And Malaysia (29.09.2020)

Product description – The product under consideration is Hot Rolled Flat Products of Stainless Steel – 304 grade”, whether or not plates, sheets or coils (hot rolled annealed and pickled or black) of rectangular shape; of grade either 304 or 304H or 304L or 304N or 304LN or EN 1.4311, EN 1.4301, EN 1.4307 or X5CRNI1810 or X04Cr19Ni9, or equivalents thereof in any other standards such as UNS, DIN, JIS, BIS, EN, etc.; whether or not with number one or black finish; whether or not of quality prime or non-prime; whether or not of edge condition with mill edge or trim edge; of thickness in the range of 1.2mm to 10.5mm in Coils and 3mm to 105mm in Plates & Sheets; of all widths up to 1650mm (width tolerance of + 20mm for mill edge and + 5mm for trim edge).

HS Codes – The product under consideration falls under Customs sub-headings ‘7219’ and ‘7220’. However, these have been considered as indicative only and no way binding on the scope of present investigation.

Uses – The product has numerous application such as for manufacture of process equipment, re-rolling, reactor vessels, material handling equipment, railways, pipes & tubes, automotive components, rolled formed sections, architecture, building & construction, industrial fabrication, power sector, etc.

Countries involved – China PR, Malaysia and Korea RP.

Applicants – M/s. Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited and M/s. Jindal Stainless Limited

Date of imposition of duty – Original duty was imposed on05th June 2015 and expires on 4th December 2020. Present duty is recommended on 29th September, 2020 and et to be implemented by the Ministry of Finance.

Date of initiation – 03rd October, 2019.

Period of investigation – April 2018 to March 2019.

Injury period – 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and the POI.

Date of levy of provisional duty (if any, with Customs Notification No.) –

Margins and proposed duty –

Country Dumping Margin Injury Margin Proposed Duty
Range Range (US$/MT )
China PR 20-30% 0-10% 160
Korea RP 10-20% 10-20% 255
Malaysia 0-10% 0-10% 155

Key findings –

  • There is continued dumping of the subject goods from subject countries and the imports are likely to enter the Indian market at dumped prices in the event of revocation of duties.
  • The domestic industry’s performance in terms of volume parameters like production, sales etc. has improved but price parameters of the domestic industry like profitability, return on investment have deteriorated during POI.
  • The information on record shows likelihood of continuation of dumping and injury to the domestic industry in case the anti-dumping duty in force is allowed to cease at this stage.
  • There is sufficient evidence to indicate that the cessation of anti-dumping duty at this stage will lead to continuation of dumping and injury to the domestic industry.