Final Finding issued recommending imposition of anti-dumping duty on Plastic Processing Machines originating in or exported from China PR (17.02.2022)

Product description- All kinds of plastic processing or injection moulding machines having clamping force of 40 tonnes-3200 tonnes, used for processing, or moulding of plastic materials. Excludes;

  1. Blow moulding machines with HS code 847730
  2. Vertical injection moulding machines
  3. All electric injection moulding machines wherein the mechanical movements such as injection, mould closing, mould opening, ejection, screw-drive, etc are controlled by independent servo motors and having digital control system and without Hydraulic unit.
  4. Multi-colour/ multi-mould machinery for making footwear, rotary injection moulding machinery for making footwear and footwear sole/strap/heel injection moulding machine classified under the Customs Tariff Classification No. 8453.
  5. Second hand/ used plastic processing machines.

HS Code- 84771000

Country involved- China PR

Applicants- Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI) on behalf of Shibaura Machine India Private Limited and Milacron India Private Limited

Date of initiation- 17th February 2021

Period of investigation- 1st April 2019 to 30th September 2020

Injury period- 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and the period of investigation

Margins and proposed duty-

Country Producer Dumping Margin (Range) Injury Margin (Range) Duty %  
China PR All 50-60 35-45 43.59%  

Key Findings-

  1. Period of investigation has been considered for 18 months.
  2. PPM is manufactured in various sizes and capacities are described and reported in terms of clamping force. No other parameters for differentiating products were provided by other interested parties. As such, PPM of different clamping forces have been treated as different product types.
  3. PMMAI meets the requirement laid down under Rule 5 of AD Rules as the petition is filed on behalf of Shibaura Machine India Private Limited and Milacron India Private Limited.
  4. Normal value has been determined based on cost of production of the domestic industry duly adjusted.
  5. The subject imports have increased in absolute and relative terms and are undercutting and suppressing the prices of the domestic industry.
  6. The decline in demand for the subject good in 2019 was due to slowdown in the automobile sector and COVID-19.
  7. Submissions made by CPMIA and AIPMA have been considered to the extent relevant.
  8. Submissions made by Haitain Plastics Machinery Group Co. Ltd has been rejected as they were not registered as an interested party and filed post disclosure submission.
  9. No user/importers filed questionnaire response and the submission made by AIPMA failed to quantify or demonstrate adverse impact of duties. In the absence of such participation and publicly available information, it is determined that the imposition of duties is not against public interest.