Final Finding issued recommending modification of anti-dumping duty pursuant to a mid-term review on imports of ‘Natural mica-based pearl industrial pigments excluding cosmetic grade” from China (27.09.2023)

Product description – Natural Mica based Pearl Industrial Pigments excluding cosmetic grade.

HS Codes – 3206 11, 3206 49 90, 3206 19 00, 3204 17 59, 3204 17 39, 3204 17 20, 3204 17 90 and 3207 10 40.

Uses – It is extensively used to impart colours and other effects such described as certain inorganic pigments/colouring agents giving lustrous/ shinning frosted effects, such pearlescent effects, metallic effects, for coating inks and plastics application.

Country involved – China PR

Finding No. – 7/17/2022-DGTR

Case No. – MTR-07/2022

Applicant – Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited

Producers/Exporters involved – Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Henan Lingbao New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Important Dates and Events –

  1. Original anti-dumping duty – 26th August 2021
  2. Duties levied expire on – 26th August 2026

Date of Initiation of Review – 30th September 2022

Period of Investigation – 1st April, 2021 to 31st March, 2022

Injury Period – 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 and the period of investigation.

Recommended Duty –

Producer/Exporter name Dumping Margin (Range) Injury Margin (Range) Duty (USD/MT)
Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd. 10-20 0-10 299
Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. 70-80 50-60 2913
Henan Lingbao New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 70-80 40-50 2353
Another other producer from China PR 90-100 60-70 3144

Key Findings –

  • The scope of the present investigation was limited to the examination of the need for re-quantification and enhancement of existing anti-dumping duty in force, under Rule 23 of the Anti-Dumping Rules, 1995.
  • Despite being a mid-term review limited to re-quantification of anti-dumping duty, the Authority has examined injury parameters to ascertain the lasting nature of the changed circumstances.
  • The request for a limited mid-term review on only one exporter from China based on the submitted evidence was not sustainable, as the changed circumstanced claimed by the applicant would have affected the export price and cost of production of other exporters from China.
  • The lasting nature of the changed circumstance has been duly established by the domestic industry, warranting modification of existing duties.
  • Despite existing anti-dumping duty, imports from China PR still holds major share in Indian demand and total imports into India.
  • Price undercutting is significant and positive, and the dumped imports from subject country is supressing the prices of the domestic industry.
  • While economic parameters like capacity, production, capacity utilization, domestic sales, inventory held, employees, productivity and wages paid of the domestic industry has increased during the period of investigation because of existing anti-dumping duty, the domestic industry still suffer losses during the period of investigation and is unable to increase its cash profits, PBIT and ROI.
  • No known factors other than the dumped imports are injuring the domestic industry.
  • The Authority also found that the modification of the duties is in the interest of public.