Initiation Of Anti-Dumping Investigation Into Imports Of Sodium Hydrosulphite From China Pr And Korea Rp (16.09.2020)

Product description – Sodium Hydrosulphite, whether produced using Zinc or Sodium Formate, also known as “Hydrosulphite Concentrate” or “Sodium Dithionite” or “Sodium Hydrosulfite” or “SHS”. SHS is a white or grayish white powder, free from visible foreign particles with pungent odour and its crystalline chemical formula is Na2S2O4.  

HS Codes –The HS code prescribed under the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 is 28311010 and 28321020

Uses – SHS is used in in diverse industrial sectors like Textiles, Soap, Molasses, Glue and reducing agent.

Countries involved – The present investigation involves producers and exporters from China PR and Korea RP.

Applicant – Transpek-Silox Industry Private Limited

Period of investigation –1st April, 2019 – 31st March, 2020

Injury period – 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20

Past investigations involving the product – The product under consideration was previously investigated in respect of the imports from China PR and again, in respect of the imports from Korea RP and Germany. The anti-dumping duties against imports from China PR expired on 13th December, 2017 and the duties against imports from Korea RP lapsed on 12th April, 2014.

Facts of the present case – There was a significant increase in dumped imports from China PR and Korea RP, resulting in the domestic industry facing adverse impact on its sales, capacity utilization, market share and inventories. The domestic industry struggled to sell the subject goods, the imports created a strain on its prices. This resulted in the domestic industry suffering decline in profits, cash profits and return on investment. Aggrieved with the injurious dumping, the domestic industry was forced to seek initiation of an anti-dumping investigation for recommendation and imposition of necessary duties against the imports from the subject countries.