Preliminary Findings issued recommending imposition of provisional anti-dumping duty on imports of Telescope Channel Drawer Slider from China. (19.04.2024)

Product Description: The product under consideration is telescopic channel drawer sliders also known as a drawer runner/ channel/ soft close telescopic channel, generally used in drawers for storing things.

HS Code: 83024110, 83024190 830224200, 83024900.

Uses: Commonly used in furniture, cabinets and appliances that require easy access to storage space. 

Country Involved: China PR.

Applicant: N/A. Having regard to the representations filed by Highhope Furniture Fittings Manufacturers Associates Pvt Ltd., the Authority suo-moto initiated the investigation.  

Date of Initiation: 20th September 2023

Period of Investigation: 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023

Injury Period: 2019 – 2020, 2020 – 2021, 2021 – 2022 and the POI

Margins and Proposed Duties:

Country Producer Dumping Margin Injury Margin Duty (USD/MT)
China Any 50-60 50-60 614

Key Findings:

  1. Imports from subject country increased significantly in the POI. Import volumes of subject goods increased by almost 165% over the injury period.
  2. Dumped Imports have caused significant price undercutting and have suppressed the prices of the domestic industry.
  3. Considering the significant increase in demand over the injury period, new capacities were added by the Indian Industry in the POI. However, the increased demand was largely captured by subject imports.
  4. Subject imports in the POI cater to almost 77% of the Indian demand.
  5. Domestic Industry’s production, and consequently sales, are materially below the levels that could have been achieved considering the capacities and demand.   
  6. The domestic industry has been earning meagre profits on the cost of sales. Its cash profits and return on capital employed, in the POI, have declined as compared to the base year.
  7. The inventory levels with the domestic industry increased throughout the injury period and especially with the increase in volume of dumped imports.
  8. Dumped imports have adversely affected the Domestic Industry which entirely falls in the MSME sector, so much so that multiple Indian producers were forced to shut down their operations.
  9. Demand supply gap does not bar the domestic industry from seeking redressal from dumped imports. In any case, the Indian industry with its current capacity can cater to 95% of the Indian demand. Further, other interested parties have also expressed their interest in entering the market as manufacturers.
  10. The impact of imposition of anti-dumping duty would be insignificant.