Practice Areas

Industry Analysis

Monitoring and EXIM Analysis

TPM assists the industry in monitoring of imports and exports, which proves to be crucial in taking strategic decisions. The TPM team undertakes in-depth analysis of trade data for India as well as other countries, which allows the industry to monitor imports from various countries pre and post levy of any trade remedial measures. This also provides an insight into the industry with regard to trade from a global perspective and allows it to assess its position vis-à-vis its trade partners in terms of international trade. The detailed study carried out by TPM team in this regard helps the industry to take key decisions with regard to its business and marketing policy, as well as approaching the Government for redressal of any trade related concerns.

Market Research

To address the need of companies to be aware of significant qualitative and quantitative information about the market, the TPM team also carries out extensive industry and market research. TPM has resources not only in India, but also in other countries including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, which provide valuable insights into the key market players in those countries. The research undertaken by the team covers all critical market and industry-related aspects which helps companies in taking key business decisions.