Practice Areas

Non-Tariff Measures

Non-tariff measures are government policies that do not lead to a change in customs tariffs but are likely to result in an impact on international trade. Globally, the use of non-tariff measures is increasing. TPM team brings its expertise to the field, by helping industries adapt to the increasing application of non-tariff measures. The TPM team provides a complete range of services from advising domestic producers regarding non-tariff measures, representing them before relevant authorities and assisting them with compliance once a measure is notified.

Further, TPM has also helped exporters outside India, including those in China, Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Japan and Korea RP, seeking to export to India to obtain licenses or certificates, where mandatory licensing or quality requirements have been notified. Similarly, TPM team assists exporters in India to comply with licensing or testing requirements in other countries as well. Despite India having started using non-tariff measures only recently, TPM has already represented a number of domestic producers and exporters with respect to measures notified for various products. TPM boasts of a successful track record in this niche field, as a result of which it is fast emerging as one of the leading advisors in the field.