Meet Our Team

Aastha Gupta is a Joint Partner with TPM Consultants, and has been a part of TPM since June 2017. She is a lawyer and a Chartered Accountant. She holds experience in the field of trade remedies, policy advocacy as well as indirect taxation.

Aastha has extensively worked on investigations with industries in the chemicals and petrochemicals sector, textiles sector, and fertilizers sector. She has also represented producers belonging to the steel products industry, tiles industry, pharmaceutical industry. Apart from India, Aastha has experience working in investigations in Canada, USA, China, European Union, GCC, Brazil and Taiwan.

In her role in policy advocacy, Aastha has been involved in assisting industries in seeking relief or concessions from the Government, including under free trade agreements, PLI scheme, and for imposition of tariff and non-tariff barriers.

In the field of indirect taxation, Aastha has experience in representing cases before the adjudicating authority as well as Appellate Tribunal. She has also assisted in matters presented before the High Court and Supreme Court. Apart from litigation, Aastha has experience in providing advisory services to industries in matters of indirect taxation.