Final Findings issued recommending continuation of anti-dumping duty pursuant to a sunset review on imports of Monoisopropylamine (MIPA) originating in or exported from China PR. (20.12.2022)

Product description –Monoisopropylamine, also known as MIPA or iso-propylamine. It is a hygroscopic colourless liquid with ammonia-like odor with melting point at −95.2 °C and boiling point at 32.4 °C. It is miscible with water, extremely flammable, with flash point at −37 °C. It is sold both in anhydrous and aquatic form depending on end use.

HS Code – 29211190 and 29211990

Country involved – China

Producers/Exporters involved – None of the producers/exporters from subject country participated in the present investigation.

Applicant – Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited

Original anti-dumping duty – 21st March 2018

Date of Initiation of Review – 15th September 2022

Period of Investigation – 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022

Key Findings –

  1. Alkyl Amines Chemical Limited, which is the sole producer, filed the application for sunset review investigation.
  2. The Authority has found that the dumping from the subject country has continued post the imposition of duties.
  3. The Authority concluded that the domestic industry has recovered from the past ill effects from dumping but its situation continues to remain vulnerable
  4. If the domestic industry is forced to match its prices with the import price, it would be selling at prices materially lower than its cost of production.
  5. Exports from China PR to third countries are at prices below the export price to India which establishes that there is likelihood of increase in imports to India.
  6. Producers from China PR are exporting goods at dumped prices to third countries which demonstrates the predatory nature of pricing practiced by producers from China PR.
  7. The anti-dumping duties have been recommended for a period of 5 years.