Final Findings issued recommending imposition of anti-dumping duty on imports of Sodium Hydrosulphite from China PR and Korea RP (14.09.2021)

Product description – Sodium Hydrosulphite

HS Codes – 2831 1010 and 2832 1020

Uses – Sodium Hydrosulphite is used as dyeing agent in textiles industry, as bleaching aid for pulp, soap, sugar, molasses and glue, as reducing agent for metal ions, linkage in wool hair and nitrogen compounds, for chemical reactions and de-colouring in pharmaceutical products and as an oxygen scavenging agent for polymers

Countries involved – China PR and Korea RP  

Applicant – Transpek-Silox Industries Private Limited

Date of Initiation – 16th September 2020

Period of Investigation – 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.

Injury Period – 2016-17, 2017-18 & 2018-19 and the period of investigation.

Margins and proposed duty –

Country Producers Dumping Margin (Range) Injury Margin (Range) Proposed Duty (USD/ MT)
China PR Any producer 70-80 30-40 440
Korea RP Any producer 60-70 20-30 300

Key Findings –

  1. Products produced using two different processes cannot be considered as different products, when they are being used interchangeably by the consumers.
  2. Any interested party may make submissions in an investigation even if they have not a questionnaire response.
  3. In case of China PR, the normal value may be determined based on price of exports from an appropriate market economy to rest of the world, provided that the volume of exports from such country are significant and the exports are not dumped.
  4. In absence of domestic selling price in a country, normal value may be determined based on exports to an appropriate country. Such appropriate country shall be decided with regard to whether such exports are in sufficient volume and are in ordinary course of trade.
  5. The dumped imports are undercutting the prices of the domestic industry and have negatively impacted the volume and profitability parameters of the domestic industry, causing significant injury.
  6. Despite long history of duty, the dumping of the subject goods has not abated, and has caused injury to the domestic industry.
  7. Since the product is used as only a chemical or additive in the production of downstream goods, the imposition of duties would not have a significant adverse impact on the users.