Hydrogen Peroxide (Quality Control) Order, 2022 (24.08.2022)

Concerned Ministry – Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Standard introduced – IS 2080: 2021 titled Specification for Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

Product involved – Hydrogen peroxide, which is a powerful bleaching agent which is used as a disinfectant, in rocketry as a monopropellant, in bipropellant systems, in odour control, in corrosion control, in inorganic and organic oxidation, in toxicity reduction/ biodegradability improvement, in disinfection/bio-control, in paper and pulp bleaching, in manufacture of peroxides and epoxides and for therapeutic uses as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent.

The product is normally imported and supplied under the tariff code 2487 00 00.

Date of application – Ninety first date from date of order, that is, 23.11.2022

Salient features of the Order

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide shall conform to the Indian Standard specified.
  2. The goods shall bear the Standard Mark under a licence from the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  3. The Bureau of Indian Standards shall be the certifying and enforcing authority in respect of such order.
  4. The order shall not apply to articles meant for export.
  5. Failure to comply shall attract the penalty applicable under the Act.

Major domestic producers – National Peroxide Limited, Indian Peroxide Limited, Hindustan Organics Chemicals Limited, Chemplast Sanmar Limited, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited and Meghmani Finechem Limited

User industry – Chemicals industry, paper industry and textiles industry