Initiation of mid-term review of anti-dumping duty into imports of Natural mica based pearl industrial pigments excluding cosmetic grade from China PR (30.09.2022)

Product under consideration – The product under consideration is Natural mica based pearl industrial pigments excluding cosmetic grade. In the market parlance, the product is also known as Titanium Dioxide or Iron Oxide coated Mica Pearl Pigment or Pearl Lustre Pigments or Pearl Pigments. The product under consideration is chemically titanium dioxide coated micananeous and lustrous pearlescent pigment.

HS Code – 3206 11

Uses – The product under consideration is majorly used to impart colours and other effects to certain inorganic pigments/ colouring agents giving lustrous/shining frosted effects, such pearlescent effects, metallic effects, for coating. inks and plastics application.

Country involved – China PR

Applicants – M/s Sudarshan Chemicals Industries Limited.

Period of investigation – 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

Facts of the present case – The present investigation is a mid-term review, limited to the re-determination of quantum of duty for Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Company Ltd. The claim is based on the following ground:

  1. There has been significant shift in the product profile exported by the exporter between the previous investigation and the present period.
  2. The export price has not increased proportionally as the cost of raw materials has increased.
  3. The export price of some PCN has increased less than raw material price increased.
  4. The weighted average increase in export price for few PCN is negative, whereas the weighted average increase in costs in positive