Initiation of sunset review investigation concerning imports of Ammonium Nitrate from Georgia, Iran and Russia (11.06.2021)

Product under consideration – Ammonium nitrate whether prilled, granular or in other solid form, with or without additives or coating, and having bulk density in excess of 0.83 g/cc.

HS Codes – 31023000

Uses – The product is used in the manufacturing of slurry-based and emulsion-based explosives which are further used for mining and infrastructure purposes. Further, the subject goods are used as fertilizer in many countries.

Country involved – Georgia, Iran and Russia

Applicant – Smartchem Technologies Limited

Period of Investigation – January 2020 – December 2020

Injury Period – 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 and period of investigation

Past investigation involved in the product – The original anti-dumping duty on imports of the subject goods from Russia, Georgia, Indonesia & Iran were levied vide Notification No. 44/2017 – Customs dated 12th September 2017.

Facts of the present case – The present application has been filed for seeking continuation of anti-dumping duty, on imports of ammonium nitrate. There was an increase in volume of imports from subject countries during period of investigation and price undercutting. Capacity, production, sales utilization suffered a decline in the period of investigation, and imports from subject countries of subject goods have impacted the market share of domestic market. Further, there is a likelihood of continuation or recurrence of dumping or injury in the event of expiry of duty.

Consumer Sector- The consumer of the product are the mining and infrastructure industries.